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Make Your Landscape Greener, One Drop at a Time

Save Water with Waterworks’ AI-Powered Irrigation Controller – It’s Smart, Sustainable, and Simple.

Grow the Yard of Your Dreams, Using Just Half the Water.

Conserve Water Wisely

Our AI-powered technology ensures every drop counts. Enjoy a lusher landscape while significantly reducing your water usage – up to 9,000 gallons annually.

Smart Savings, Bigger Benefits

Watch your plants flourish, and your savings grow. With Waterworks, you not only cut down on water bills by 50%, but also reduce maintenance costs for both your irrigation system and plants!

Easy Monitoring, Total Control

Monitor and control your irrigation with a few taps. Receive regular reports on your water usage and enjoy peace of mind with automatic alerts notifying you of any leaks or faulty valves.

A Smarter Way to Water

Take the Guesswork Out of Watering, Avoid the Cost of Overwatering

Leave Weather Worries Behind

Waterworks integrates real-time weather data to adapt your irrigation schedule, ensuring you never water before a rain shower or when it’s too cold.

Read The Soil Data Real-Time

Our soil moisture sensors read the needs of your soil in real-time. Your plants receive precisely the right amount of water they require, promoting healthier growth and preventing both under and overwatering.

Give Each Plant The TLC It Deserves

Each plant is unique, and Waterworks understands that. Whether it’s thirsty ferns or drought-resistant succulents, our extensive plant database takes your garden’s specifics into account, tailoring watering schedules to meet the unique needs of your plants.

Make Your Plants Thrive

Give them the right amount of water, at the right time

Lush Lawns

Have multiple sprinkler zones? Waterworks has you covered. Say goodbye to brown patches and overwatering - your grass is greener than ever.

Lively Landscape

Don’t beat around the bush–nourish it with Waterworks.

The heart of your landscape lies in its trees and shrubs. Waterworks’ smart irrigation customizes watering for all your ornamental plants.

Urban Parks

Create vibrant urban green spaces with ease.

Waterworks offers efficient irrigation solutions for urban parks, maintaining a greener and inviting landscape year-round.

Home Gardens

Up your gardening game, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

With Waterworks, you have automatic watering and complete control for all your plants, from vibrant blooms to thriving vegetables.

See What Our customers Are Saying

Jason B.
Jason B.
Installation and setup were a breeze. Now, I can set schedules and take control of my sprinkler system even when I’m on vacation.
Emily H.
Emily H.
Waterworks works like a charm! It not only saved me from hours of manual watering but also put a dent in my water bill.
David W.
David W.
This sprinkler controller is incredibly smart. All I do is set it, and I enjoy a green, lush lawn all summer long.
Sarah M.
Sarah M.
My favorite feature is the plant database. I’ve learned so much more about my plants, and it automatically adjusts the watering schedule for different plants.

Experience Smart, Sustainable Irrigation

Start Saving Water with Waterworks!